New Online Casinos

There are hundreds of online casinos, and new ones are popping up all the time. New casinos will usually offer special promotions to get you to try them out, but with so many of them out there it can be confusing to find the right one. If you like to be at the front of the queue or the first one in the door, you could spend all of your time looking for the latest and greatest, the best 2017 online casino, and never have time to go in and play.

We have done the legwork for you and brought together a listing of the preferred, new online casinos. Take a look at the latest launched casinos:

Best online casinos

Advantages Of Playing At New Online Casinos

Some people like to stick to well-known and long-standing establishments. They take comfort in always knowing what to expect and are not interested in trying something new. Others like the thrill of being a trailblazer and looking for new and exciting experiences. If you have ever been to the opening of a new restaurant, you know that you can expect to see special dishes that do not appear on the regular menu and fantastic deals designed to attract new patrons. Your average new online casino is no different. New online casinos need to get people in the door and will offer amazing welcome bonuses, great free spin packages, or special games to entice new members. These promotions will last for anywhere from a few weeks to several months as they build their initial user base.

Another advantage of new online casinos is a newer and more advanced technological infrastructure. While older casinos will continue to update their games and software, the whole system may be built on an older infrastructure that is difficult to update regularly without a major overhaul that could cause downtime. New casinos with better infrastructures can offer more games by integrating software and games from multiple providers. Emu Casino, for example, offers a selection from Microgaming, Bet Soft, Sheriff, and others so that their members will have a larger catalogue to choose from and more options like tournament play.

Tournament play is available in many newer games. This feature allows you to compete with other members of the casino in poker, blackjack, and many other games for special prizes or jackpots. If tournament play is something you are interested in, there is an additional reason to join a new online casino. The smaller user base of a new casino means that there are fewer people competing for the grand prize so by joining a new casino you can increase your chances of coming out on top. 

Disadvantages Of Playing At New Online Casinos

To be totally fair and transparent, there can be drawbacks to joining an online casino in its fledgling stages. One area where this tends to manifest itself most noticeably is payment options. While well established online casinos may accept dozens of methods of payment, each one of them will cost the casino something in processing fees. For a business that is just starting out, this can be an issue. Some of the payment processors that specialize in riskier transactions will charge a higher processing fee which the casino usually absorbs. Because of this, new online casinos may offer fewer payment options to start out with, and the payment options that they do offer will be the ones that cost them the least in processing fees. If you try to join a new casino and they don’t have a method of payment you can use, it would be smart to check back at a later date to see if more options are added as the casino grows and can put more money back into the business.


Since we are the ones doing the research for you, you will probably want to know how we find and rate new online casinos. We regularly search for new casinos and watch the advertisements and gaming news outlets. Once we find a new casino, we will check it out and measure it against several benchmarks. Of course, we look at things like security certificates, safe encryption to protect your transactions, and a good overall user experience. We check out their support options to see if they are responsive, accurate and pleasant. That is all the back office stuff that you will hopefully never have to deal with. What’s more important to you is that you find great games with awesome bonuses and an overall Australian punter friendly experience from start to finish. You shouldn’t have to convert funds to make your initial deposit, and if you win, you want to know that you will be paid in a timely fashion in your local currency.