About Us

So, who are we anyway and what makes us such experts when it comes to online casinos? It’s a good thing you asked because we have a lot of information to share with you. Onlinecasinoinfo.com was established by a large group of gambling and gaming enthusiasts. We have decades of experience between us, and we have seen all sorts of casinos during that time, both brick and mortar and online.

Our Promise To You

When we decided to ‘put out our shingle’ and advertise as a casino portal with tons of info and reviews, we knew that it was no small feat. We didn’t shy away from the years of work we knew that it would be. We took it upon ourselves to do whatever was necessary to consolidate as much information about online casinos as was possible and to format it in a way that would be easy to read and use. We vow to bring you fair and balanced reports on every online casino we recommend.  If it means we have to scour the internet for the most amazing deals and bonuses, we are prepared to do that to help out our fellow gambling enthusiasts. We want to put our collective experience to use and help you all become better players so that you can all enjoy your time in the casinos more and take more money home with you.

Our Experience

Our experience in casinos spans the globe and covers all the deep, dark corners of the internet. Because of the size and makeup of our group, we have experts to talk to no matter what the subject may be. Want to know more about the software running the games, we can tell you all about the companies developing it and what else they have done, what awards they have received, and who they partner with. We can also fill you in on their individual quirks and perks so that you know what to expect when you play their games.

If you are more concerned about support and transactions, we can tell you which companies grade the highest and how fast they resolve issues.  Whatever you want to know about the online casino world, we have the expertise to share, and we enjoy doing it.

Our Writers

We’re where we are today because each and every one of us loves to visit casinos and we (objectively, of course) consider ourselves to be quite the savvy gamblers. Some other gamblers who feel that they are experts may claim to have all the knowledge on specific games and claim that they have a system for winning consistently. Just try and get them to talk about it though and you will truly understand the phrase ‘playing it close to the chest.’ You can’t get them to share tips and tricks because they are afraid it will alert the house and ruin it for them.

We stand apart in this area, as well. We love to share our knowledge of the game. If we have tips, tricks, or advice for improving your odds, finding the best deals, or learning new strategies for your favourite games, you can be assured we are happy to share that knowledge with you. We get excited when we receive word of a new game or bonus deal because we know we have a growing user base of like-minded enthusiasts we can share the experience with.

Most importantly, you should know that we take this casino portal very seriously and want you to as well. We will do our utmost make sure the info stays up to date and relevant, and you can stop in as often as you’d like to see what we have done for you lately.

You should also know that there are real people behind these pages and that if you ever have any question about our site or the information we have gathered from far and wide for you, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask us. If there is an answer, we will find it and get it to you.

Thank you for your patronage, and maybe we’ll run into you at the tables!