Online Bingo

Bingo has been around in one form another since the early 1500’s when it was invented in Italy as a form of weekly lottery. It has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most played games of chance in the world. You can find bingo rooms in every corner of the globe, and it’s usually a favourite in Church social halls, senior centres, and community centres. One reason for this is that bingo can be played by anyone and it does not require a high level of skill or years of practice to be a winner. All you need is good luck since it is purely a game of chance.

Now, you can play this fun and fast paced game in an online bingo room of your choice. One of the primary advantages to playing online bingo is that you can play anywhere and anytime you want to. You do not need to wait for a specific number of players to buy in; you can start your own game whenever you want to. Each of our recommended online bingo casinos offers special sign up bonuses and free play options so that you can practice before you put up any real money, so feel free to check them out here:

Recommended Bingo Sites

How to Play Online Bingo

Like in any other online casino game, you will need to begin by creating an account for yourself so that you have a way to log in and access the real money games. Many sites will allow you to play a few rounds for free to see what it’s like and make sure you are comfortable with the game.  Once you have created and verified your account, you can make an initial deposit to start to build your bankroll. Once you have deposited the funds to your account, you can choose which type of bingo you want to play and how many cards you wish to purchase. It’s as simple as that; you are now ready to play online bingo.

Although the concept is certainly the same, there are a few interesting differences between traditional and online bingo. For one, when you play bingo in a hall with several hundred other people, you typically find yourself in a smoke-filled room with poor lighting and lots of noise and commotion. The caller begins the game by spinning the drum full of numbered balls. You have to listen very carefully to hear the numbers as they are called out so that you can check your cards and see if you have any matches and then mark them off.  If you just happen to miss a number or two, it can ruin your whole game.

When you play online bingo, you can play from anywhere you’d like, and games start when you want them to. Many of the online bingo games will even mark your cards off for you as the numbers are ‘called.’ You can begin a round, sit back, and relax while it all plays out automatically. Online games also tend to play at a faster pace so you can play more games in a shorter period of time. When you do win, there is no need to have your card verified since the whole process is automatic, online, and lightning fast.

One of the great things about bingo in any of its forms is that it is very easy to play and does not get caught up in complicated rules or scenarios. It was designed for anyone to be able to play with equal ease and odds of success. The basic concept of bingo is modelled on a simple lottery with a predetermined set number that will be used during play. Each number in the set is printed on a ball, and then all of the balls are placed in a mixing drum to be controlled by the caller. Anyone wishing to play will buy a card with a five by five grid of random numbers printed on it with the centre square in the centre column usually being a ‘free’ space. The game begins with the caller spinning the drum and then releasing one ball at a time and calling the number on that ball. If the number on the ball appears on a player’s card, they mark it off or cover to show that they have filled that space. Games are usually won when someone covers a single row or column or a diagonal from corner to corner. Sometimes, a higher stakes ‘cover-all’ game can be played where the entire board must be covered for the win.

Online Bingo Variations

There are several versions of online bingo available for you to play. The three most common are:

  • 75 ball bingo – This version is also known as American Bingo. The caller’s drum contains 75 balls numbered in sequence from 1-75 and the cards used by the players are laid out in a 5×5 grid with 24 numbers and the centre listed as a free square. Bingo is achieved when a player covers a full line of 5 squares in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal directions. Some higher stakes games may call for covering the four corners or the full card.
  • 80 ball bingo – In 80 ball bingo, the card is a grid of 16 numbers, and bingo is called when a line of four is covered in any directions or by covering the four corners. Some games may also allow for covering the 4 inner squares of the grid.
  • 90 ball bingo – Also known as UK Bingo, this version uses a drum of 90 balls and a card of only 15 number laid out in 3 lines of 5. A bingo UK game typically lasts longer than an American game but tends to move a little faster, and after a bingo is called by completing a row of five, game play continues until someone fills 2 rows and then finally the full card.


No matter what type of bingo you want to play, you can find it in one of our recommended bingo rooms. They are all easy to play, fast paced, and loads of fun. Don’t delay any longer – log in and get ready to win!