Blacklisted Casinos

If you’ve clicked through this site some, you have seen plenty of information about preferred or recommended online casinos. These are establishments that have proven to be fair, ethical, and transparent. They stand behind their games and advertising. If they offer bonuses or promotions, you can be sure you will get everything you have coming to you.

It’s important to note that if you happen to find an online casino that is not on our preferred list, it does not mean that we have actively blacklisted them. We review many sites, but there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of gambling sites out there, and there’s only so much time in a day.

Unfortunately, not all online casinos play by the rules. There are too many out there that have demonstrated unethical business practices, false advertising, or other serious infractions that have earned them rogue status. We don’t take these classifications lightly and neither should you.

What Makes A Casino Rogue

There are many reasons for gambling sites to be considered blacklisted casinos. These can include payment issues, false advertising, lack of randomness, and generally unethical behaviour.

  • Payment issues – The main reason for playing in an online casino and opening an account, is so that you can have some fun and win some money. If you do win, you want to know that you will get whatever funds you have coming to you without delay or hassle. While some casinos may make immediate electronic payments, it is not unheard of for some payments (especially larger ones) to take extra time. Unfortunately, rogue casinos hardly ever pay anything out. They will claim serious delays on processing or tell you that due to small print you either do not qualify for a payout or something you did forfeited your winnings.
  • False advertising – Another tactic that earns a casino blacklist status is deliberately unclear advertising or the famous bait and switch tactic. They will offer a fantastic sounding promotion to get you to sign up and make a deposit and then tell you that due to your country of residence, method of payment, or some other nonsense that you do not qualify for the deal.
  • Lack of Randomness – An important part of fair casino play involves you being able to win. We all know that the odds are always in the favour of the house, but we also know we can beat the odds. This is due to RNGs or random number generators built into casino software. Basically, if you play for long enough, every losing streak should be equalled out by a winning streak. Some blacklisted casinos use faulty or fudged RNG’s which seriously limit the actual randomness of any game.

Rogue casinos are also known for their poor or non-existent customer support. If you can’t reach anyone, you can’t complain or demand anything of them. They seem to offer deals or bonuses that are way too good to be true. Their main focus is getting you to deposit cash. It is almost seen as a one-time transaction and not the beginning of a business relationship. Blacklisted casinos are also identified by overly complicated, constantly changing (without any notice), or extremely vague terms and conditions. This way, when there is an issue, they can point you to some obscure section of their terms that justifies their poor behaviour.

Why We Blacklist Casinos

As a review site, we take pride in being able to guide people to an online experience that is safe, fun, and satisfying. As a group of experienced casino goers, we have been around the block a few times, and we have serious knowledge and advice to offer. Because we enjoy casinos and gambling as much as you do, we just can’t stand by and let these rogue casinos put a black mark on a favourite pastime.

Blacklisted Casinos

Here is a list of casinos we have blacklisted along with the main complaint against them:

Winpalace Casino Payment Refusal
AC “Always Cool” Unannounced changes to T&Cs Payment Refusal Payment Refusal
Casinostates Fake Licensing Claim
Wager21casinos Rigged Games
Casino Fortune Payment Refusal
Belle Vegas Unethical Practices
Luck 18 Numerous complaints
Lock Casino Payments delayed indefinitely
Casino 1X2 Numerous complaints