Casino Reviews

If you’re here reading this article, we already know how you feel about online casinos. You just want to get in there and taste the excitement. You’re probably just itching to join an online casino and sit down to a few rounds of your favourite game. The only problem is deciding which of the best online casinos to choose from. To begin with, you know that there are some that are less reputable than others and some that are downright illegal. Even between the good ones, there are those that offer better games and bonuses. It could take you days, or even weeks to compare enough of them to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

Fortunately, we have done the analysis for you. We have spent the countless hours scouring through casino after casino, checking things out and whittling it down until we reached the best of the best. We bring you our listing of preferred casinos with many industry favourites, for you to review below.


How do we rate online casinos?

All of the online casinos on our list are considered preferred and have been checked against a long laundry list of criteria. We look at everything from the initial registration process all the way to payouts and everything in between.

As a large group of gambling enthusiasts, we understand better than anyone that there are different types of players and that what makes one casino perfect for some, may make it less desirable or even inaccessible to others. Some players may not care if a casino offers billing by phone while others will only use this method. Some players like the online games while others need to be able to download the casino to their computer. You get the idea; you can be sure that whatever your preferences may be, you will find the best online casinos on our list to fit your needs.

So, what is that long list of criteria we go through when we do our online casino reviews? It’s too long to list them all, but we’ll give you a glimpse and then maybe you’ll be ready to take us at our word.

  • Local friendly – Whilst many people love to travel and see the sights, no matter how far we go, we look for the familiar. Consider the tourists from America who travel to Paris and end up in a McDonald’s for lunch. Even more so when we are back on home turf. That’s why we look for online casinos that offer true, local support. Using our list of the best online casinos, you will find the sites that allow you to play in your own, local currency. That’s just where it starts, though. If you need support, you want to know it will be available to you when you need it and the person who is helping you speaks your language. We also look for local payment methods; if you can only pay by eCheck from your local bank, you want a casino that won’t give you any hassle.
  • Bonuses and promotions – With the ever increasing number of online casino sites out there to choose from, it makes sense that they have begun to compete for players. At least they pretend to. Virtually every online casino offers a welcome bonus in one form or another, but some are superior, you just need to know where to find them. We go through site after site comparing the offers and the fine print behind them. We also look at the special promotions and VIP or loyal player perks to see which are the best and easiest to use. We fully believe that if the casinos are going to compete for your business, they should act like it.
  • Variety is the spice of life – Between table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps or other favourites like slots and BINGO, there are literally thousands of online casino games out there. Each category of games has its own versions to keep things exciting. With all of that available, it is not unreasonable to expect the best online casinos to provide their players with a full variety of games. Some casinos skimp due to expensive server space or licensing contracts. We search for the best of the best that offer enough high-quality games to keep you busy playing for as long as your heart desires. We also check to see that the games they offer have the best graphics and soundtracks, stable game play, and reliable software so that your time in the casino can focus on what’s important – enjoying yourself.
  • Top slots optionsOnline slots have become a multibillion-dollar business over the past decade. There are dozens of software gaming companies putting out new games every month. When preparing our online casino reviews, we look for the sites that are keeping things fresh and innovative. Do they offer progressive jackpot games or do they stick to the standard, plain, old one-armed bandits? Are they putting out popular themed games based on great movies and characters we love or are their games just fruits, bars, and generic characters? Really, would you rather play Indiana Jones Progressive slots or India Johnson – Archaeologist Adventurer? Don’t settle for second-rate games. Use our list of the best online casinos to find the slots you really want to play.
  • Customer service – This is the area of any online casino that you hope you will never need to visit. It would be nice to be able to just play in any casino you want and have a perfect experience from start to finish. With one of our preferred casinos, that’s how it should be, but if there are any issues at all, you want to know that the customer support a casino offers is going to be responsive, helpful, accurate, and fair. We have heard endless stories about other sites where you can’t even get an email answered much less expect online live chat to get your needs handled quickly.
  • Payments and Banking – Not all player like the same games, why should they all be expected to use the same method of payment? When we review online casino sites, we look for a variety of safe and secure methods of payment so that the players can choose what works best for them. Just as important, we check to see what their payout and withdraw policies and reviews are like. They should be fast, accurate, and easy for you to receive.


We know how seriously you take your gaming and we want you to rest assured that we take our reviews just as seriously. We look at each online casino under a spotlight and from every angle so