Top 10 Casino Tips

If the topic of casinos ever comes up, there is one thing you can always count on; someone will come forward and spout off their big, secret, sure-fire method for beating the casino at their own games. Before you run off and put down your life savings, you should ask yourself one simple question. Is the person who gave me this tip a multi-billionaire who won it all in casinos around the globe? If the answer is negative, then slow down and think things through logically. Why aren’t they following their own advice? Is there ever really such a thing as a guaranteed method for beating a casino? The short answer is, no. However, there are most certainly things you can do to make your bankroll last longer and increase your odds of taking home a nice prize, to boot.

In this vein, we humbly present our top 10 casino tips. We have split them between general casino tips and those geared specifically toward slot machines since they are so popular these days.

General Online Casino Tips

  1. Pick the right casino – Check out a casino before you give them your money. There are definitely more reputable establishments out there than rogue casinos, but it only takes one to clean you out. One really easy way to make sure of this is to use our list of preferred casinos to make your selection. Once you are comfortable with your options for casinos, you can start to compare their offers. Check out their welcome bonuses and any rewards they may offer to loyal players. These gifts offered by online casinos are a way that they compete for your business – take advantage of that.
  2. Pick the right game – Many people already know exactly what game they are going to play before they log in to their online casino. The have chosen a game that interests them, seems like it would be fun to play, and they at least know the rules. Other people will bounce from table to table and game to game spending money whilst trying to figure out how to play. Before you start in any casino, take a look at the games available and either play what you know or take the time to learn the rules and basic strategies of the game.
  3. Learn the odds and house edge – The house edge is the advantage that the casino has over the player on any one round of play. On some games like roulette it can be as low as 2.7% in the casino’s favour while in others, like some slot machines, it can be as high as 17%. Find a game that has a house edge you are comfortable with. The odd are a little more set. If you are playing poker, you can work out the odds of ending up with a royal flush and those will remain the same across various casino because the odds, in this case, are based off of one deck of 52 cards and the likelihood of various hands coming your way.
  4. Manage your bankroll – At least a part of the reason you are playing in an online casino is for the entertainment value. If you were planning to go out for a full evening of fun with your friends, you probably wouldn’t spend the majority of your money on the first stop of a long evening. The concept is the same in an online casino. Know how much you have to spend and make it last. If you have ₤30 for the evening, don’t put ₤15 down on your first bet. The longer you make it last, the more you will enjoy it.

Slots Tips

  1. Understand randomness – The first and most important strategy when it comes to slots is to understand that there are no strategies that work. Slot machines are powered by Random Number Generators or RNGs. These programs assign random numbers to the symbols you see in the game and then for each spin, generate a series of random numbers corresponding to the symbols and randomly fill in a table with those generated numbers to represent the reels and paylines of the slot machine. In short, this means that each spin has the same chances of being a major jackpot or a total loss. Due to statistics of random numbers, you may start to see runs of losses or wins clumping together, but there is no real pattern.
  2. Study the symbols – If you check the pay table for any slot machine, it will tell you what you are paid-out for various symbols and combinations. If one game has 30 different possible symbols vs. another with only 20 symbols, then the one with fewer symbols will have a better chance of turning up matches on any given spin. Play less complicated games.
  3. Check for bonuses – Most online slots offer bonus games, free spins, or internal jackpots of varying levels. Whilst the slot machine must still follow the laws of randomness, adding in these symbols with larger prizes or free spins will increase your chances of staying in the game longer, and with slot machines, that is what it is all about.
  4. Enjoy yourself – Don’t think of the slot machines as your ticket to financial freedom. It can happen and sometimes does, but your odds of winning a huge progressive jackpot and retiring at a young age are similar to those of winning the lottery. Yes, it can and does happen, but don’t bank on it. Set an amount you’re prepared to spend and don’t sweat the losses as long as you’re having fun.

Two More General Tips

No self-respecting list of casino tips would be complete without these:

  1. Never bet the rent check – Do not gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Playing in a casino should never be considered a way to cover your bills. Anytime you decide to play, set a limit for the session and keep to it.
  2. Quit while you are ahead – Casinos are businesses; let’s not forget that. They are designed to take your money in return for some fun and excitement. If you happen to find yourself ahead of the game and you are up by a few pounds, say thank you and goodnight. If you stick around and play your winnings, chances are very good they will end up back in the casino’s account.

As you can see, most of the tips on this list are pretty much common sense, but we all know just how uncommon that can be. When you play in one of our preferred online casinos, just make sure to keep these tips in the back of your mind somewhere and not to get bitten by the gambling bug.

Now, go log in and have a great time playing your favourite games!