Online Craps

Craps is a game with a rich and colourful history. It has been played everywhere from the streets of New York to the most famous casinos in the world. Craps has been featured in popular media and is very often used to set a mood for danger, excitement, and bad-boy behaviour. It is one of the central plot points of the famous Broadway hit Guys and Dolls. The history of craps is somewhat long and winding and may go all the way back to the crusades. Crusaders who were manning a siege around the castle Asart would play with dice to pass the time. The game became known for the castle and was played for decades as Hazard until it made its way around France. It was still primarily played by people crouching on street corners that were referred to as crapauds, the French word for toads. It later was shortened to craps when it moved back to Anglo countries.

Craps has never stopped growing in popularity and easily made the transition to online craps where it remains a staple in just about every online casino including, of course, our preferred casinos.


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How To Play Craps

Some gamblers avoid craps because they don’t understand the rules or believe it to be an overly complicated game. Learn the basics, give it a try, and you’ll find that it really is not that difficult.

Let’s first take a look at the few components. There is a reason the craps table is so recognisable; the higher sides of the table form an arena where the dice can be thrown without much risk of them ending up across the room. The playing field of the table is marked with sections for the bets allowed during play, and the final piece of the game is the standard six-sided dice.

Craps is a game where several people may place bets on each round, but there is only one player or shooter. Play is also divided into two parts, the Come Out and the Point.

A round begins with players placing bets on the table either for or against the shooter. Once the bets are in, the shooter is given the dice and must throw them onto the table with enough force to make them bounce off of the far wall of the playing field. If the shooter gets the natural, they may continue to roll. If they get craps, their turn is over, and if they get the point, then they continue to roll until they roll either their point for a win or a 7 for a loss.

Online craps differs very little from the casino version except there are fewer people jostling around the table. To begin:

  1. In online craps, you are typically the shooter. You begin your play by placing either a pass line or don’t pass line bet.
  2. You then roll the dice and win, lose, or continue to roll depending on your bet and the results of the roll.
  3. If you got your point and continue to roll, then you do so until your point comes around again for a win or you get seven, and you lose the bet.

Craps Bets

There are many options for bets in both casino and online craps. Here, we will look at the mores standard bets. For a detailed article on craps betting and strategies, check this out <here>.

  • Pass Line Bet – This means that you are wagering that the shooter will roll either 7 or 11 points, also known as a natural, between the two dice. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, that is craps, and the round is over. The numbers which remain, 4,5,6,8,9, and 10 are called points, and if they turn up in the initial roll, then they must show up again before a 7 comes around again, or the bet is lost.
  • Don’t Pass Line Bet – This is the exact opposite of the Pass Line. Here you are betting against the shooter rolling a natural, you hope for craps, and if a point is rolled, then you hope to see a 7 before the point is rolled again.
  • Come Bet – Basically the same as the Pass Line, but is only allowed after the point has been set for the round.
  • Don’t Come – this mirrors the Don’t Pass bet and is only allowed after the point has been set for the round.

Craps Odds & House Edge

As we mentioned, there are many bets available in craps, and they come into play at different points in the game. These additional bets are called the odds bets and are a type of side bet that players can add to the table during play. Odds bets are placed on the likelihood of specific roll results and whether they will or will not show up. These bets have a lower house edge on a game that already has a low house edge making them very attractive.

The house edge in craps ranges from 0.42% to almost 17% depending on the roll and type of bet. To do odds bets and the house edge calculations justice, they would need their own full page, so we’re going to do just that. You can read more about that your chances of winning here.

Variations Of Online Craps

Because craps is one of the most often played table games in any casino, it is no surprise that many variations on the game have been developed for online craps play. Below are a few of the more popular variations along with their differences.

  • Die Rich Craps – This interesting twist on the standard is only played with a single die. If you roll a 6 after the first roll, you win, but if a 1 shows up, you lose. The remaining numbers, 2-5 are the points. Once the point is set, you have three rolls to hit it again, or you lose the bet, and the round is over.
  • Bastard Craps – Also known as crapless craps, this variation moves the 11 from the status of a ‘natural’ leaving just a 7 in this category. The 11 is considered a ‘point’ making it easier to establish the point and continue rolling. The ‘crapless’ part of the game is due to 2, 3, and 12 being removed as craps on the first roll. This also means there is no ‘Don’t pass line bet’ in the first round since there is no way to lose at that point.
  • High Point Craps – In this version, the 2 and 3 are neither winning nor losing rolls, while 11 and 12 are considered wins. The remaining numbers are points, and instead of having to set a point and then roll it again, you set a point and then hope to roll a higher point on each consecutive roll.


Craps is definitely one of those games that becomes more exciting and fun as you learn more about it. Although it may seem complicated initially, it is well worth taking the time to practice your skills and improve your game. It will even get easier every time you play. There are variations that keep it exciting, and even the standard game has much to offer with its wide variety of bets. It is certainly easy to see why craps is held in such high regard in our collective pop-culture. Visit one of our preferred online craps casinos and try it out for yourself today!