The House Edge

The House Edge is the advantage that the casino has when you play a game. In the game of craps, the house edge will depend on the specific bet that you place. With many different bets available in the game, different odds of each outcome occurring and different payouts for each of the bets, the house edge for the bets varies widely. In fact, the game of craps has among the widest house edge spreads of all casino games.

How The House Edge Can Be Used As A Strategy

The purpose of having a strategy in a casino game is to lower the house edge as much as possible, improving your chances of a successful outcome. The game of craps has some of the lowest (and some of the highest) house edges of any casino game. This means that simply by placing the right bets, you can increase your chances of winning in the long-term.

There are two main ways to bet in craps – with the players or against the players. Many people prefer to bet with the other players, although betting against them actually has the lower odds. This is the Don’t Pass Line bet and the Don’t Come bet, both of which have a house edge of 1.36%. Betting with the players, on the Pass Line bet or Come bet, has a slightly higher house edge of 1.41% which is still quite low.

The game of craps also has a unique type of bet known as the Free Odds or Odds bet. This bet is unique as it has no house edge. The catch with this bet; however, is that it must be placed together with the Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come or Don’t Come bets. Combining a bet with no house edge with a bet that has a house edge will lower the house edge even further. The exact house edge for the combined bet will depend on the amount you bet on the Free Odds bet and this varies between casinos. Most online casinos will allow up to 3X Odds which will result in a combine Don’t Pass Odds house edge of 0.34% and a combined Pass Line Odds bet house edge of 0.47%. Some casinos may offer up to 100X Odds and the higher the multiple, the lower the combined house edge will be. For a game where you place 100X Odds, you’ll be able to get the house edge down to as low as 0.02%.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The House Edge

The house edge can work for you or against you. Some players may feel that playing the Don’t Pass Line bet or Don’t Come bet on every game is monotonous and unexciting. For this reason, players often try to mix up their bets, placing some of the less common bets. However, this can significantly boost the house edge and reduce your odds of winning over time. For example, the house edge in craps can jump as high as 16.9% for the Any Seven bet. This is among the highest odds of any casino game. Many of the proposition bets have odds of around 11.11% which is also considered high. The advantage of using the House Edge as a strategy is that it is the best way to reliably increase your odds of winning. Just be aware that following this strategy may be tedious. If you feel the need to mix things up a bit, rather alternate between the Don’t Pass Line and Pass Line, the Don’t Come and the Come bets, all of which have quite low house edges.

Bottom Line

With an inbuilt low house edge on quite a few bets in the game of craps, the best strategy to use in the game is to only bet on those bets with a low house edge. These bets, combined with the Free Odds bets, further reduce the house edge to as low as 0.02%. Be aware that there are some bets in the game that are referred to as sucker bets for their particularly high house edges. Make sure to avoid these bets and stick to the low house edge bets no matter how tedious they may seem.