Free Games

If you ask a dozen online casino patrons why they visit and play as often as they do, you will probably get close to two dozen answers. Some may find it a relaxing way to pass the time and recharge their mental batteries before getting down to some serious work while others cite the rush and excitement of putting it all on the line for one round of cards or spin of the wheel. Some people love slots while others swear by craps. An interesting bit of trivia states that after someone has visited a casino more than three times, they will tend to gravitate to the same section or specific game each subsequent time. This is, in part, because we are creatures of habit; we like to feel comfortable and secure, and one way of doing that is to stick to things that we already know. Another reason for this phenomenon is that even while playing in a casino, we like to minimize risk.

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Casinos offer hundreds of games and would like all of them to be played. To counteract the above issue, casinos will offer free games so that players can try out something new without any risk to their pockets.

Free games are exactly what they sound like. A way to try something new in the casino whether it is a different version of the poker you already love to play or a completely new section of the casino to you. Whatever the cause may be, you can log in to your favourite casino and try some games for free. Many casinos do not even require registration to play the free games so you can try out a whole new casino if you so choose.

Why Play Free Games

There is no great secret to the advantage of playing free games. As mentioned earlier, we all like to be comfortable. If you have always played slots whenever you log in to your online casino account, then that is what you will continue to do. While you may feel that poker looks interesting, it can also be sort of intimidating if you have never played it before. When do you raise or call? What is an ante anyway? Maybe roulette has caught your eye, but you don’t understand how bets are placed and what it means to choose even/odd or black/red. Let’s not even talk about craps and snake eyes! While more options in a casino may sound interesting, you probably won’t try a new game where learning to play could cost you real money.

This is a major reason that people play free casino games for fun. It is a no risk way to learn the rules of a new game and improve your skills so that when you do decide to put down some real money, you will have a much better chance at taking even more home with you.

Another reason for free casino games is to promote new additions to the catalogue. When a casino adds new games to their selection, they can promote them by offering a free play option to get players interested and talking about the game.

Guide To Free Games

If you want to try out some free games for yourself, all you need to do is head over to your favourite, recommended online casino and visit the homepage or lobby. Choose the type of game you are looking for and then pick from the menu of games in that section. Free games may be listed in a separate section or will have a link under the game called Demo or Practice Mode. Some sites will only show the links when you hover over the games with the pointer, but they are still easy to find and play. In most cases, you don’t even need to sign up for an account since there is no real money involved.

Once you’ve chosen your game and clicked on the link for demo or practice, the game will open (usually in a new window), and you can play as you normally would. The free games usually start you out with a pretty significant bankroll since it is all in fun anyway. If you happen to run through your free bankroll too quickly, no worries! You can simply hit reset or close the game out and open a new one to continue honing your skills. You can play pretty much any type of free casino games for fun – choose from table games like poker, blackjack, and craps or go for exciting slot machines with amazing action and graphics. Whatever you chose, you can find a free version to practice on. 


When it comes to free casino games, you literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain! You can become an expert by trying one out today. Get in there and play!