Android Casino Apps

As we become more tech savvy as a society, we become more attached to our electronic devices. To answer this trend, mobile phones have become better, stronger, and faster than ever before. Gone are the days of the old, Motorola over the shoulder phone sets, that weighed as much as a small child and just made phone calls…sometimes. Today, we all carry phones with more processing power than some early ‘super’ computers. We use them to track our diaries and diets, our shopping and schedules, it makes sense to use them for entertainment as well.

If you love your online casino and are looking for a way to play more often, look no further! You can now take your casino with you using Android gambling apps. Check out our list of the Android Best Casino Apps:

Best online casinos

Mobile Devices

One of the things that most people like about Android devices is that they are available from so many manufacturers. There is a phone or tablet for every type of consumer. But with devices coming from so many places, how do you know which apps will work and which ones won’t?

The good news is that if your mobile device runs Android, you can count on the mobile casino software working like a charm. There may be some cosmetic differences due to screen size or shape, but the games should still work well.

Where To Find The Best Casino Apps For Android devices?

The best place to find Android casino apps is on our preferred list. We have already checked out the mobile casinos and their apps, so you don’t have to worry about what you may be downloading to your phone or tablet and what it might bring with it.

How To Download Casino Apps To Your Android device?

We will have to tackle this one in two parts since it depends on which casino apps you are looking for. If you are looking to take some games with you wherever you go and just want to have something to do while waiting in line or grabbing a quick bite, then you can download free casino apps right from the Google Play store and install them like any other Android app. These apps feature all of the games you love from online casinos but are only free play or practice games.

If you want to play for some real money, you will need to visit one of the preferred casinos online and download the app from there. In some cases, there will be a link from the home page or lobby of the online casino. If you don’t see one on there, look on the individual games themselves. Some casinos set them up so that when you go to play from a mobile device, you are given an option to download the app for that game right to your phone.

Note: If you are not downloading the app from the Google Play store, then you will be required to adjust your device’s security setting to allow app installation from unknown sources. In most cases, if you have not already done this you will be prompted to do so when you try to download the app.

Legality Of Casino Apps On Android Devices

You may have noticed that at this time, you probably couldn’t find any apps in the Google Play store that allowed you to play for real money. All they had available were the free versions, and whilst those can be fun, that was not what you were looking for. The reason for this is that the Google Play store decided that it would not offer any apps that were capable of gambling for real money. I’m sure this decision was made so that they could not be held liable in any number of sticky situations regarding minors or work owned phones.

So, are they legal? Another tricky question; the short answer is, yes. There is nothing inherently illegal about casino apps on Android devices.

Now the long answer; it depends. It depends on a large number of factors including where you live and how old you are.

As you know, gambling is highly regulated in some countries. There can be sanctions on methods of gambling. Maybe it is only allowed in regulated brick and mortar casinos, and online gambling is prohibited. There can also be laws about certain types of gambling. Maybe poker is ok, but slots are prohibited. It is important to review the local laws before you get involved and make sure to read through the casino’s terms and conditions, as well.


Android has some of the best apps available for all kinds of services including playing at your favourite online casino. The apps are easy to download and are installed within seconds. They have amazing graphics and sound and fast, smooth game play.

Check out our list of preferred Android casino apps and get your favourite games right in the palm of your hand.