Report on UK Gambling Statistics Shows How Gambling Has Changed in the UK

Publish: 05.01.2020
A report by the statistics bureau Statista has revealed how much gambling has changed in the UK over the past decade. As expected, it shows that more money is being spent on all forms of gambling currently in comparison to the amount spent ten years ago, but the difference is perhaps not as stark as many people would otherwise predict.

Over the last decade the amount of money spent on betting, online gambling, bingo, lotteries and in bingo halls and arcades has risen from £5,436.44 million to £11,282 million, which is a rise of less than ten percent per annum. This does represent a 107.5% increase overall, showing that the amount of money spent on gambling in the UK per annum has doubled over the past decade.

The real ‘winner’ when it comes to UK gambling statistics is undoubtedly online gambling. Since 2010 the amount of money spent online by gamblers has risen from a little over £600 million to over £5 billion – that’s an incredible rise of 741 percent.

Of the six business niches examined, only one – real-world arcade – has experienced a drop in revenue over the past decade, falling from £456 million to £430 million. The other main increase in spending on gambling was shown by spending on lotteries. In 2009 people in the UK spent £159 million on all forms of lotteries, while by 2019 that amount had risen to £540 million.

Of the other sectors, spending on real-world sports betting has risen by 15.7 percent, real-world casinos by 41 percent and bingo by 7.9 percent.

The report outlines that by far the biggest rise in UK gambling yield occurred between 2014 and 2015, and between 2018 and 2019 overall gross yield actually fell by one percent.