Willem van Oort, the founder of Gaming in Holland, Suggests Chaos Reigns

Publish: 04.11.2018
The Dutch gambling authority, Kansspelautoriteit hasn’t created regulations for the country’s budding gaming industry. Now, Willem van Oort, the founder of Gaming in Holland is suggesting that the regulation is in a state of “mild chaos.” No political initiative in the sector means that gaming in the Netherlands will still exist in the regulatory twilight zone.

NGA’s outgoing chairman Jan Suyver is also criticizing the political representatives of the country, suggesting that a proper gaming legislation will not arrive anytime soon. His criticism comes right before his retirement announcement which could be a wakeup call to the representatives.

Unfortunately, van Oort, the leading gaming consultant for Dutch and Spanish regulation suggests that the political endeavors for creating robust gaming regulations are insignificant. He said that efforts to regulate the market had little to no definitive results. He noted that the political agenda is unclear in The Netherlands.

People have been looking at remote gaming regulations ranging from seven to ten years, depending on whom you talk to. The Senate is still not taking a decision. A new round of questions will begin among the policymakers, meaning that the legal amendments for the sector are “completely stuck.”

The most curious thing about the Dutch gaming market is that the parliament signed a law related to gambling about two years ago. Since then, the politicians have had a free reign to adjust the markets but have decided to go in the opposite direction. This inaction has left tax officers and consumers in the dark.

The Kansspelautoriteit doesn’t count legislation as one of its priorities either. The Dutch Gambling Authorities set two priorities for the year in January- battling predatory operators and eliminating the abuse of minors.

Of these, stopping underage gambling is the most important issue facing the authorities. The problem is, that the socially irresponsible operators who allow minors to gamble and take advantage of the uncertain regulations in the country. They continue to operate without proper licensing and violate all rules while enticing minors into their sphere of illegal gambling.

The gambling authority is identifying illegal sites and banning them. However, their efforts would be in vain if the government doesn’t take a step to create and implement strict rules. Van Oort also referred to the recent rejection of Mansion Online Casino that operated a site without a legal permit. The casino was fined 180,000 euros, a fine which could be much higher if the country had more efficient gambling rules.