Republican and Democrat Senators to Introduce Regulation

Publish: 23.12.2018
New York Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer and Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah will introduce new sports betting legalization bill on Wednesday. The Sports Wagering Marketing Integrity Act of 2018 will seek to regulate legalized sports betting across the US, as noted by Schumer during a press briefing with the Associated Press.

The bill would direct the US Justice Department to set minimum standards that the states must meet to offer sports betting in their jurisdiction. It does not include provisions for the “integrity fees” that sporting leagues have been pushing for that gives them a cut from the sports betting revenue.

Schumer said that he is a lifelong sports fan and treasures the purity of the game. He also stated that Congress has an obligation to ensure that games are not compromises after the PASPA strike down. He said that it is the right time to establish a “strong national integrity standard” in the sports betting sector. It will protect the game and customers from corruption.

Hatch also commented on the new regulation saying that he started working with stakeholders to curb corruption in sports and uphold their integrity. He said that the legislation introduced by them is the culmination of eight months of discussions, negotiations and meetings. He also said that the legislation they introduced in the Congress could act as a placeholder to help address issues in this sector.

The eight states that are already offering sports betting in their jurisdiction could also offer it while the Justice Department evaluates their laws. These eight states include New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. In New Mexico, the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel started accepting sports wagers even though the state has not passed a law yet.

Washington city lawmakers have also voted to legalize sports betting in DC, but the legislation requires Congressional approval. If approved, it would become the first jurisdiction in the US without casinos to authorize sports betting. About 30 states are looking forward to the legalization of sports betting in the New Year.

Leagues like NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL have called for a uniform set of rules around the nation, but they have been pushing for “integrity fees.” This fee will be paid from the sports betting revenue to the leagues for using their official league data and preventing manipulation, as the leagues suggest.