Tory Peer in Ad Ban Call

Publish: 11.10.2018
Conservative Party member Lord Chadlington has supported the Church of England’s proposal of banning gambling ads in the UK. The Church believes that advertising during live sporting events could affect young children. Their idea is supported by the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party (SNP) who want gambling ads to be banned one hour before and after a sporting event, reports The Telegraph.

The alliance demands that the gambling TV ad loophole must be closed. They suggest that while targeting viewers on TV and online with betting ads, companies maybe showing their ads to children as well. Chadlington wrote about the issue in the Parliament’s magazine The House, where he highlighted the Labour’s party’s consultation paper on UK gambling policy and a “whistle-to-whistle” ban for gambling ads.

He also referred to the increase in gambling advertising by 63 percent since 2012 to 312 million pounds. Viewers also had to sit through 90 minutes of advertising during the 2018 World Cup. Chadlington questions if it is really surprising that over 2 million people in the UK are at risk of gambling, while 430,000 people suffer from problem gambling already.

Australia’s experience with gambling ad ban during sporting events also caught Chadlington’s attention. However, he noted that it is effective only five minutes before and after the events.  The UK government, according to him, should take cues from Australia and double up its crackdown on gambling ads, not just on TV but online as well. He pointed out to in-game gambling in loot boxes. Belgian and Dutch governments consider these in-game loot boxes illegal.

His article further talks about helping problem gamblers and educating young children on the risks of gambling. Chadlington’s solution is increased taxation on casino and sports betting companies. A voluntary 0.1 percent tax which raises about 10 million pounds should be increased to a mandatory 1 percent tax that would bring 130 million pounds to the government coffers each year.

The funds raise thereof should be utilized to help problem gamblers and increase gambling awareness, especially amongst the young. He said that there must be independent research into the effects of gambling, on family and kids. His views are influenced by the 1965 tobacco advertising ban, which shaped lives positively. He said that the tobacco industry endorsed Formula 1 back in the day and now too, the racing event has confirmed a $100 million global betting sponsorship deal.