Oregon Lottery App Launched

Publish: 01.10.2018
A new playing option from the Oregon lottery could help in providing the online sports betting industry a huge push. The Oregon lottery mobile app went live in the Apple Store for iOS devices earlier this month, and it will be available for Android devices by the end of 2018. The app allows players to draw game, keno and scan a scratch-off without ever visiting a physical casino.

Oregon State is hoping that the app will help in stimulating revenues for the lottery, which is the second-largest source of the state’s revenues behind personal income taxes. According to state officials, the mobile expansion will help in expanding the tax source further and take annual revenues ahead of $650 million in state programs.

The Oregonian reported that lottery officials in the state are already considering expanding the scope of the app to include sports betting. The state lawmakers are also considering a sports betting bill that could help in regulating sports wagering in the region. The bill could likely be tabled during the 2019 legislative session beginning February. Oregon could also be benefitted by 11 Native American-operated casinos which could become local gaming partners.

The prospects for a sports betting regulation become even stronger as Governor Kim Brown, who is running for re-election in November is supported the idea. According to Willamette Week, Governor Brown is open to adding sports betting in the Oregon State Lottery portfolio. He also seeks to partner with the local tribes. He believes that mobile is the future of commerce and the lottery will need to improve to stay relevant in the changing world.

Salem could also be at the forefront of sports betting discussions. Though legislation has not been introduced in the region the, keys issued related to regulation and implementation will be worked out with Native American tribes as partners. Other states, even those that aggressively campaigned for sports betting in brick-and-mortar facilities are now stuck with several legislative issues. With Oregon, the story could be different. As existing mobile infrastructure for lotteries already exists, the introduction of sports wagering and their subsequent regulation will be easier.

Oregon has some advantages over other western states like New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and Arizona. These states have limited sports betting exemptions but have remained largely oblivious of the sports betting culture. The state’s existing infrastructure and its previous foray into sports wagering could help it in creating a robust ecosystem for online betting.