Payment Methods

Many people play casino games online purely for the excitement of taking a chance. They can be a great way to unwind or pass a few minutes while you are waiting for a meeting to start. For players like these, there are plenty of free games online.

If we are going to be realistic, though, the majority of online casino players are doing it for the chance to earn some money. Casinos know that their players are made up of an eclectic group of individuals with unique needs and requirements. Some individuals may not have credit cards, while others only use their bank debit cards and still others that are not comfortable entering personal information into an online form. There are also methods of payment widely used that are restricted to certain areas or countries. For instance, eCheck was developed for the Canadian market, and it has proven to be a front-runner there when it comes to electronic payment options. Over in South Africa, EasyEFT is a more recent local addition catering to their native compatriots. The same holds true for payment methods UK, Australia, or anywhere else. Each country can have several options that are popular with the locals. Luckily, there are dozens of payment options out there, and most casinos will accept as many of them as possible. You can check out more about preferred local methods of payment here:

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Main Payment Methods

Just as varied as the players that use them, there are many different types of payment methods available in online casino cashiers rooms. Some casinos offer more than fifty different options to try and cater to as many player preferences as they can. Although there are that many options or more out there, they can be broken down into a few distinct categories.

Credit Cards – most people are familiar with this method of payment, and it is by far one of the most frequently used in many countries. A transaction is made when a player enters their credit card number and specified personal details for verification purposes. The casino then bills the credit card company the amount of the transaction and the player receives an invoice at the end of their billing cycle with any transactions they charged to their credit card. This amount can even be spread out over time to help with larger transactions. Think of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover to name a few. There are also local brands per country.

Electronic Payment Methods – This method of payment is popular among people that either don’t have credit cards or would rather not use them. Not everyone that applies for a credit card is approved. Applicants can be turned away due to lack of credit score, low credit score, or several other reasons. There are also people that just prefer not to use credit cards because they are afraid of running up thousands in debt that can take years to pay off. Electronic Payments are made through companies like InstaDebit, eCheck, Citadel Commerce, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, and Skrill (Moneybookers). These companies have agreements with banks all over the world and can process withdrawals directly from your savings or checking account so that you can pay online without having or using a credit card.

Another form of electronic payment is the e-wallet. Once you set up an account with them, you can make transfers from your bank account or credit card directly to the e-wallet. This adds a degree of separation between the purchase and your personal details or account. Many people feel safer with this method since you only add funds to the e-wallet in amounts you choose and the final vendor never has access to your banking information.

Pre-paid Options – Even if you don’t have access to the payment methods we have already discussed, there are still options open to you. Some people do not have credit cards and may not have bank accounts that they can use for online payments. These players are still able to enjoy online casinos thanks to companies like Ukash. Ukash is a pre-paid option for online or electronic payments. To use their services, you visit a registered Ukash provider and make a cash deposit. In return, you receive a unique code which represents the funds you have deposited. This code can then be entered where Ukash is accepted, and the funds are transferred to the vendor. If there is any change to be returned after the transaction, a new unique code is generated representing those funds and that code can either be used for purchases or withdraw cash from a Ukash partner.

Mobile Preferred Payment Methods

If you prefer to play on your mobile device, you will be happy to note that casinos typically offer the same methods of payment for all of their platforms; download, online, mobile, and app. If you’re gambling in one of the preferred casinos in Canada, you will find that many of them also include eCheck and Ukash on their mobile versions.

One thing to note is that some minimum deposit amounts may vary from the desktop to the mobile versions and this is usually done as a security measure to protect both the casino and the player.

However you choose to fund your casino play, our preferred casinos can probably make it happen for you. So, visit the cashier section and open your account today.