Boku offers a unique alternative to credit cards and e-wallets alike. Their mobile payment method allows users to make deposits to their favourite online casinos within minutes. All deposits are anonymous and need strict authentication, making Boku an extremely secure and popular payment method.

What is Boku?

Founded in 2009, Boku allows mobile phone owners to cut the need for cards and e-wallets, getting straight to depositing at their casino of choice (so long as Boku is a payment option) via their mobile device. The company was originally created in 2003 and called Vidicom Ltd in the UK, but was reestablished as Boku in 2009 now headquartered in San Francisco, US. With Bou there’s no need to submit your personal details online, all transactions go directly through your mobile provider, with all transactions needing a secure verification by the user before being processed.

Boku is, in fact, the largest independent carrier billing company in the world. It’s mainly used for transactions of digital goods and services including music, video, apps, games and of course, casinos.

Users should be aware that there are a few limitations with Boku. For example, US users will not be able to use Boku to make deposits at regulated online casinos in the US though they will be able to use it to pay for many other goods and services. There is also a deposit limit of £30 (a day) so we wouldn’t advise Boku if you’re a high-roller. There’s also a hiccup when it comes to withdrawing winnings – although it’s a great means of depositing when it comes to withdrawing you’ll need to use other measures.


Benefits of Using Boku  

  • Instant deposits – as soon as you’ve confirmed your transaction, the money will be deposited instantly, so you can get on with your gaming antics straight away
  • Welcome bonus – Boku offers its users a great welcome bonus upon signing up
  • No deposit fee
  • Multi-devices – tablet, mobile and desktop can all be used to carry out payments with (just be sure to have your mobile on you to confirm the transaction)
  • Secure – each payment has to be confirmed via mobile whereby only you can confirm it
  • No personal banking info required – yes, you heard, there’s no need to submit personal details including cards, names, address etc whatsoever
  • Convenience – all you need is a mobile and you’re good to go


How to Deposit with Boku

To make a deposit with Boku at your favourite online casinos you will need to simply:

  1. Go to your casino of choices deposit page and check that Boku or ‘pay by mobile’ is a payment option
  2. Select Boku/pay by mobile as your payment method and be sure to authenticate your number (you will only need to authenticate your number if you have not done so previously)
  3. Enter your deposit amount and submit – you’ll then receive a text message to authenticate your number
  4. Confirm the finalisation of your deposit via text
  5. Hey presto – your deposited amount will be available instantly for gameplay on the casino
  6. Be sure to check the T&C’s for any potential hidden fees along with withdrawal processing times


Bottom Line on Boku

This ingenious, simple mobile payment method cuts out the need for cards and e-wallets altogether. With Boku, online gamers can enjoy free deposits, where all they need is a mobile phone in hand.