EntroPay, in essence, is a virtual VISA debit card that can be used to make deposits in online casinos across the globe. The e-wallet service can be used by everyone and anyone, offering a means of loading funds and withdrawing them, from all over the world, no matter the individual’s credit history. The quick and simple payment option offers a secure means of payment wherever VISA is accepted, working in the very same way. Online gamers can benefit from its anonymous nature, worldwide use and the fact that it can never go into the minus.

What is EntroPay?

Founded by Ixaris Systems Ltd. in 2003 and based in the UK and Malta, EntroPay is one of the top E-wallet solutions and is especially popular across Asia. This is mainly because online gamers are blocked from using some of the top payment solutions in Asia, though EntroPay remains open. It’s anonymous nature of conducting payments, fast processing time and cheap fees make it an attractive payment choice. The payment system is available in over 120 countries and has a growing global user base of over three million. Any user with a virtual VISA card can take advantage of the service no matter their credit history, making it a highly popular choice for those with unattractive credit scores.   

Users simply need to deposit funds onto their card from a credit or debit card, anywhere in the world might we add, offering a balance on a now anonymous payment method. EntroPay can be used as a method of payment wherever VISA is accepted giving a fast and easy payment method not just at online casinos but also at millions of merchants globally.  

Transfers between customers are instantaneous though transfers to bank accounts and non-EntroPay entities can often take a little more time (between 3-5 days). It should also be noted that there are withdrawal fees should someone wish to transfer funds back to their original account.

Benefits of using EntroPay  

  • Highly Secure – sensitive data is encrypted using AES-256. As well as that EntroPay performs regular scans and conducts numerous penetration tests to keep all of your transfers and personal data safe and secure
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals – deposits are instantaneous, although withdrawals can take slightly longer
  • Anonymous payments
  • Fraud protection – users of EntroPay are protected from fraud seeing as the only link between a credit card and their virtual card is the funding source.
  • Dynamic currency conversion – EntroPay accepts a large variety of currencies at competitive exchange rates (which are updated every eight hours)
  • Cards are not dependent on a users credit history
  • Unlimited virtual cards – you can even use one EntroPay card per merchant to protect from breaches and fraud. You can create unlimited virtual cards with 10 active cards at any time
  • Card limits – these can be set to help budget and give you more control


How to Deposit with EntroPay

To make a deposit with EntroPay:

  1. Set up an EntroPay account – got to EntroPay’s website and fill in a simple registration form and follow the instructions
  2. Load up your account with some cash
  3. Go to your casino of choice and open up the casino cashier or banking section
  4. You can use the card like a regular card wherever VISA is accepted
  5. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit and follow the casino’s steps
  6. Last but not least – be sure to check the withdrawal time process beforehand (for your knowledge) and to check for any hidden fees in the T&C’s beforehand


Bottom Line on EntroPay

EntroPay offers their customers a fast, simple and most importantly, safe means of transferring in a wide range of currencies globally. The attractive service is perfect for online gamers, particularly those who’d like a card that isn’t dependent on their credit rating. The anonymous nature of the card and the built-in dynamic currency converter makes it highly beneficial to those who wish to operate with foreign currencies – playing at online casinos overseas.