Neteller is a digital wallet service used to transfer money globally. Individuals and merchants have the opportunity to safely deposit and withdraw money. The payment provider is much loved by online casino players and merchants alike allowing the opportunity for anonymous payments online while bridging borders – without extra fees.

What is Neteller?

Founded in 1999 and belonging to the British payments company Paysafe Group, Neteller uses an electronic payment system to provide businesses and individuals the opportunity to securely make and receive payments online. Crossing borders, it’s particularly useful in markets where traditional methods may not work. Based in the Isle of Man, the service includes instant deposits, withdrawal and payouts as well as prepaid cards.  

The current system supports a grand 18 currencies in more than 190 countries across the globe. It’s not just online gamblers that benefit from the secure online money wallet, with hundreds of thousands of websites and merchant sites that are compatible with the payment system, millions of customers all around the world can benefit from fast and secure payments. What’s more is Neteller account holders can easily make transfers between themselves no matter where they’re located in the world.


Benefits of Using Neteller

Being such a large company, Neteller comes with a plethora of benefits.

  • World-class security –  Neteller uses SSL encryption to make hackers lives hell. In other words, a security breach is near impossible, especially with such a large cyber security team keeping their eyes peeled 24/7 for suspicious activity
  • Faster deposits and withdrawals – digital wallets provide a much faster means of getting your hands on your funds, making deposits and withdrawals instant. This is particularly true at many online casinos, where it should take no longer than 24 hours whereas other methods can take days and days
  • Two-step authentication – this can be set up to near-eliminate the chances of a breach
  • Reduced withdrawal fees – using  digital wallets can bag you reduced withdrawal fees at online casinos. The VIP Neteller programme can increase savings even more!
  • Bonuses – some casinos offer bonuses for depositing and withdrawing with Neteller
  • Anonymous banking – Neteller allows online casino players to pay anonymously. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about your gambling activity being visible, as it would be if using your bank account
  • International payment method – Neteller allows for fast payments anywhere across the globe with only an email address. So you can transfer money to friends and family internationally with ease


How to Deposit With Neteller

If digital wallets scare you and sound difficult to use, you couldn’t be more wrong. Making a deposit with Neteller is simple, here’s how:

  1. First, setup an account with Neteller – simply fill in the form and you’re ready to go
  2. Make sure to deposit some money into your account (so you’ll have it there to play with) – deposits are instant so there’ll be no waiting around!
  3. When depositing with a casino, open up the casino cashier or banking section
  4. Choose ‘Neteller’ as the payment provider
  5. Enter your deposit amount and follow the steps of the casino to make the deposit
  6. Be sure to check for any hidden fees and to take a glance at the withdrawal time process (Neteller is usually instant or no more than a day)


Bottom Line on Neteller

Overall, Neteller works as a great payment method especially for online gambling. It boasts a number of advantages over standard credit cards and more traditional payment methods. With a digital wallet in hand you’ll receive better withdrawal fees and bonuses, and easily play online in casinos all over the world.