Pay By Phone

When the first online casinos opened for business, they were only accessible to players with specific credit cards. If you didn’t have one of the major cards that they accepted, or didn’t want to use it for online purchases, you were out of luck. As the online casino business grew, they began to accept more methods of payment to encourage a larger number of gamblers to try them out. The option for electronic funds transfers allowed people to send money by contacting their banks and setting up a transfer request. Then they added things like eChecks and debit cards. The issue with all of these methods was that they were in some way tied to your personal bank account. Whilst some may have offered a little more security or separation between the casino and your bank, you still had to have a bank account available for the initial transfer.

One of the most recent casino developments in electronic payment methods is the introduction of the pay by phone casino. Thanks to an agreement between the major phone providers, the UK government office of OFCOM, and payment processing companies like PhonePayPlus, you can now make deposits using your phone bill. It has never been easier or more convenient to fund your bankroll at your favourite online casino and fast too; the deposits are ready for use immediately.

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Why Pay by Phone

As popular as online casinos are today, it is no wonder that people are playing more often from their mobile devices. Some statistics say that there are more mobile phones in the UK than there are people to use them! It’s easy to see why an option to pay by phone in your favourite casino would have certain advantages.

  • Convenience – You never go anywhere without your phone. Since it is always with you, it makes sense to get the most out of its capabilities. Your Phone is probably where you are playing the casino games as well so making a deposit to your account isn’t even an interruption to your play. You just select a deposit amount, approve it, and keep playing.
  • Speed – Some methods of payment require verification or processing times that can range from minutes to days. With the option of pay by phone, casino balances can be updated in seconds.
  • Budgeting – Unlike credit cards and some other payment methods which carry minimum transaction amounts, the pay by phone method was developed with micro-payments in mind. You have probably seen vending machines or convenience stores that allow you to make small purchases by charging them to your phone. The same concept can be applied to your casino account. If you are not the kind of person to drop a few hundred pounds at a time, you can make small deposits and better control your monthly spending.
  • Privacy – With the option of pay by phone, you never need to give any of your personal account details to an online vendor. You don’t even need to have a bank account backing your phone bill or a contract with the mobile provider. Pay by phone works with pay as you go phone bills as well.

The one possible drawback to this fantastic way to pay your bills is that it is only accessible to UK residents at this time. It won’t be too long before other countries catch on and then everyone will be able to take advantage of it.

Main Pay by Phone Providers

If you are interested in taking a shot at an online casino and wish to pay using your phone bill, you’re in luck; most of the major mobile service providers in the UK now offer this option to their customers. If you use Vodafone, O2, Three, or EE the pay by phone option is already available to you. Check with your provider for more details.

How Does It Work?

Pay by phone was designed for ease of use and convenience. To use this feature, you simply select it from the list of payment methods available whenever you load up your account and choose the amount you wish to deposit. If you are playing on your mobile over your data connection, the system will auto-recognise your number, and the payment will go through. If you are playing from another device, you will be asked to enter your mobile number to be billed. The payment system will instantly send you an SMS with a code to enter for verification. In some cases, you’ll be asked to text a code or word to a special number from the phone you wish to bill.

How Does It Compare?

Pay by phone is by far one of the easiest and fastest payment methods available. Anyone with a phone can use it, and there are no processing fees. One thing you should know is that at this time, pay by phone is a one-way street. While it can be made for making deposits, it cannot be used for receiving funds, so you will need to utilize an alternate method to make withdrawals from your account.


Pay by phone is a great new addition to electronic payment method options that will make it even more convenient for UK residents to manage their casino bankrolls.  Check out this awesome and easy system in your favourite online casino today.