Classic Slots

Classic slots are just that – classic. With 1-3 paylines, you get what you see when you play: a good, old-skool game of slots, often without any extra thrills or features. You’ll see classic fruit and BAR symbols galore, and find yourself having regular wins, if with smaller payouts.

This is gaming the way it used to be – and it can be absolutely thrilling!

Why Play Classic Slots?

Simply put, classic slots are, well, simple. They’re well-known for their pretty regular payouts (thanks to their fewer paylines), and represent the ‘good old’ days’ of slots and gambling. Think James Bond, think retro Vegas – all of those memories are what classic slots bring to the table.

Otherwise players who just prefer a minimum of fuss and extra flashy features are guaranteed to enjoy these simple, pared-down machines.

Tips for Playing Classic Slots

Even if they may not sound it at first, classic slots can be incredibly exciting! Here are just a few things you should know before playing:

  • Try out different bets: thanks to the low variation as a result of the few paylines, the size of your stake can have a massive impact. The maximum bet also tends to be on the lower side, making it affordable for everyone.
  • Not all classic slots are created equal – some have progressive jackpots attached, and extra features like Scatters or Wild symbols. Try out a few to see find the games for you.
  • Enjoy the simplicity – this is a throwback to a simpler, easier sort of gameplay – the no-thrills really allows you to focus on the experience itself.

Top Online Casinos for Classic Slots

Not all casinos have a section for classic slots, but those that do are well-worth a look in: below are some of our recommend online casinos for the very best in classic slots:

The Benefits of Playing Classic Slots

Classic slots are a must for any type of player – even if you know they might not be your thing, it’s a great idea to try them out and experience them for yourself. This is because:

  • They definitely payout: if you’ve ever played a slot and had to wait a long time for it to payout, then rest assured that classic slots are the place to go for pertty regular payouts, even though they may be smaller wins that what you’d get on other slots.
  • They can make your bankroll last longer: because there’s not much to classic slots, and either 1 or 3 paylines, you’re not going to get through your bankroll as quickly as, say, those 100+ payline slots. Even the maximum bet won’t rinse your bankroll, so enjoy it, and bet bigger than you would have done otherwise!
  • They keep you focused: with other slots – videos, progressive, etc – it’s so easy to become focused on activating the bonus features, that you end up not appreciating the actual gameplay. With classic slots, there are usually no extra features, allowing you to enjoy the actual experience of playing.

Start Playing Classic Slots Now

Classic slots are classic for a reason – they never go out of style! Find a classic slot for you at one of your recommended online casinos, and start playing now.