Casino Software

When you are researching which online casino you would like to join, there are many factors that can weigh into your decision. You may focus on signup bonuses, payment options, or specific games that may be available.  Another thing to consider is the software provider they use.  Some casinos may exclusively offer one type of software, or they may have different companies they work with as each has its own specialties and advantages.

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Different Casino Software Companies

There are numerous brands of casino software available that focus on different types of games. Some are focused more on card games while others may specialize in slots with high graphic animations and embedded movies. We have evaluated and put together a list of the top companies for your convenience


They have been around since 1994 and focus on slot machine games. They’ve developed their own operating system called Quickfire and offer over 1,200 varieties of games with over 200 slot options.


Established in 1999 and known for offering a large selection of payment options. They are well known, highly respected, and use excellent security protocols. They also offer a great mobile experience and have received the EGR Platform of the Year and RNG Casino Supplier awards.

Net Entertainment

A Swedish company since 1996 AKA NetEnt and recognised for innovation. Their games are available in 24 languages. They design games for use with multiple casino sites and have no casino of their own, so there is no conflict of interest.


Founded in Gibraltar in 1997 – Their proprietary software offers great quality for live dealer games with clearly detailed betting limits to suit all style of players.


One of the older gaming companies, having been established in 1995 in Dublin and later purchased by Amaya Gaming Group in 2012. Known for unique card games and their exclusive deal with Betfair Casino for Poker.

Business Model

Casino software is a bit of an odd duck when it comes to business models as compared to other industries. In the example of an internet provider, for example, BT, service would be provided to a client, and a monthly fee would be paid for that service. If the client happened to close a multi-million dollar deal using the service provided, their monthly bill to BT would not change. In the world of casino software, clients pay a fee to license the software but also pay a percentage of the revenue collected using the software.

There are also differences on the client side of the relationship. Typically, once a client has chosen a provider, like BT in our example above, they would not sign with additional ISP companies such as Virgin Media. It just wouldn’t make sense to be paying two providers for the same service.

When it comes to casino software, however, many casinos will use several competing software providers at the same time. If you have already spent time looking for the right online casino for you, you have probably noticed this without even realizing it. You’ll find casinos hosting NetEnt and Playtech along with several smaller software providers.

The reason this somewhat non-competitive model seems to work is the way the licensing is done and the overall advantage to the end user. Casino software companies stand to gain from continued game play. Not just because the casino will continue to use them, but because they actually receive a percentage of the revenue from their software and games.

This business model encourages the software companies to continue to develop new games with more realistic graphics, exciting bonuses and even special features like embedded movies with stories that play out as the game progresses.

The software companies focus on different types or styles of games, ease of use with various computer or mobile operating systems, or special compression software to allow for faster play or better graphics.  The casino then markets the software to their clientele and is able to offer the greatest variety to the end user which benefits the entire model all the way back to the software company.


This model has proven itself to be highly successful, and there is no reason to expect any change in that success in the near future. It is in the best interests of the software companies and casinos to continue to work together to constantly improve the user experience with better graphics, smoother connections, more comfortable and enjoyable gameplay, and excellent support for unique issues.  While much of this sits with the software company, a large portion remains with the casino as they handle the marketing, promotions and ongoing customer success.