Aces & Eights Video Poker

Enter an exciting poker game with a twist. This version of poker from Bovada known as Aces & Eights or Dead Man’s Hand has a slightly different paytable, where certain Four of a Kinds have added value. This is best for intermediate or advanced players who have a fair understanding of Poker strategies, though beginner players can give it a whirl as well.

How Do You Play Aces & Eights?

Playing Aces & Eights is as easy as any other online poker game. The friendly user interface makes learning to play really easy, simply:

  1. Choose your wager amount, anywhere between $0.05 and $5 with the arrows on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Adjust your bet’s worth between Bet One and Bet Max, using the blue and green buttons on the bottom of screen, respectively.
  3. Press the big, red DEAL button to deal the cards.
  4. Click the cards you’d like to hold – between one and five – for the next deal.
  5. If you have a winning hand, you’ll be offered to Double or Nothing in a high card draw. Choose yes or no with this option.
  6. If you select yes, click the card (out of four options) you’d like to bet against the dealer’s.
  7. If you select no, keep your winnings and deal again!

The Optimal Strategy for Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights has a slightly different strategy than standard poker. It follows a Jacks or Better payout, except that Four of a Kind of aces or eights, sevens, and then other cards, respectively, have higher payouts than normal. The best strategy is firstly to never break up a paying hand in the first deal, unless you are missing the one card to make a Royal Flush. Otherwise follow this table:


 First hand of cards  Best strategy
 Royal Flush   Hold on to all your cards  
 Four of a kind – Aces or 8s   Hold on to all your cards 
 Straight Flush   Hold on to all your cards 
 Four of a Kind – 7s   Hold on to all your cards 
 Four of a kind – all others   Hold on to all your cards 
 Full House   Hold on to all your cards 
 Four to a Royal Flush   Draw one card 
 Flush   Hold on to all your cards 
 Three of a Kind   Draw two cards
 Straight   Hold on to all your cards
 Four to a Straight Flush   Draw one card
 Two Pair   Draw one card
 High Pair   Draw three cards
 Three to a Royal Flush   Draw two cards
 Four to a Flush   Draw one card
 One Low Pair   Draw three cards
 Four to a Straight   Draw one card
 Three to a Straight Flush   Draw two cards
 Two to a Royal Flush   Draw three cards
 Two High Cards   Draw Three Cards
 One High Card   Draw Four Cards
 Five Disconnected Low Cards    Draw Five Cards


Paytable for Aces & Eights

With the Aces & Eights twist to this version of classic Poker, the paytable is slightly different, so so keep your eye out for those Four of a Kinds:


 Hand  Bet One   Max Bet 
 Royal Flush



 4 of a Kind – Aces or 8s 



 Straight Flush



 4 of a Kind – 7s



 4 of a Kind – other



 Full House









 3 of a Kind



 2 Pair



 Jacks or Better




Playing Multi-Hand Aces & Eights

This version of Aces & Eights is only available as a single-hand game.

Aces & Eights – Double Your Winnings or Collect

Aces & Eights offers you the chance to double your winnings. With each winning hand, the offer for ‘Double or Nothing’ will pop up. If you select yes, you’ll be in a high-card draw game with the dealer until you either lose or decide not to bet again. You’ll have the option of four cards to choose to beat the dealer – so good luck!

Play Aces & Eights with OnlineCasinoInfo today!

This Video Poker game is a fun twist on the classic. The option to gamble your winnings even more adds extra fun to the game – and the added high payout combinations makes the game exciting even for the most seasoned of Poker players.