Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is a classically designed two-deal poker game from SimSlots Inc. This one-hand poker game is simple yet original and is great for beginner, intermediate or advanced players alike. There’s the added bonus of the Trainer mode that hints the best cards to hold after the first hand – increase your winning outcome while learning how to be the best player you can be.

How do you play Jacks or Better?

The object of the game, like any poker hand, is to get the highest value of cards possible – ultimately, a royal flush. Playing is simple, making it easy to get stuck in this classic game:

  1. Along the button display decide if you’d like to Bet One or Bet Max. Click Bet One repeatedly to move up the paytable, if desired.
  2. Click the DEAL/DRAW button on the bottom right-hand corner of the display.
  3. Decide which cards you would like to hold by either clicking on the card or clicking the HOLD/CANCEL button in the corresponding position.
  4. Press the DEAL/DRAW button again.
  5. Determine how much you’ve won using the paytable.

The Optimal Strategy for Jacks or Better

The classic Jacks or Better game has a pretty well-developed strategy. Know which cards to hold and when by following this table:


 First hand of Cards   Optimal Strategy
 Royal Flush   Hold on to all your cards  
 Straight Flush   Hold on to all your cards
 Four of a Kind   Hold on to all your cards
 Full House   Hold on to all your cards
 Four to a Royal Flush   Draw one card
 Flush   Hold on to all your cards
 Three of a Kind   Draw two cards
 Straight   Hold on to all your cards
 Four to a Straight Flush   Draw one card
 Two Pair   Draw one card
 High Pair   Draw three cards
 Three to a Royal Flush   Draw two cards
 Four to a Flush   Draw one card
 One Low Pair   Draw three cards
 Four to a Straight   Draw one card
 Three to a Straight Flush   Draw two cards
 Two to a Royal Flush   Draw three cards
 Two High Cards   Draw Three Cards
 One High Card   Draw Four Cards
 Five Disconnected Low Cards    Draw Five Cards


Paytable for Jacks or Better

The paytable for Jacks or Better is displayed right on the game board, so you’ll always know what your winning potential is. We’ve got a handy version of their Bet One and Bet Max rates for you right here:


 Hand  Bet One   Max Bet 
 Royal Flush



 Straight Flush



 Four of a Kind



 Full House









 Three of a Kind 



 Two Pair



 Jacks or Better




Playing Multi-Hand Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better sticks to the original and is a one-hand poker game only – there are some other great multi-hand poker games worth checking out at OnlineCasinoInfo, like Pick’em Poker.

Jacks or Better – Double Your Winnings or Collect

Unfortunately, this classic game doesn’t have the option to double your winnings.

Play Jacks or Better with OnlineCasinoInfo today!

This is a great game for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The ability to see your log – click VIEW LOG – button, allows for you to learn from your plays. The TRAINER ON option, also allows for advice and statistics regarding each hand so you can optimise your winning chances – pretty great in our books!