Pick’em Video Poker

Pick’em Poker from Playtech games – best known for their online video slots – has created a new challenge for Video Poker lovers. From newbies to advanced players, this cleverly designed game board was created to excite poker fans of all kinds. With its multi-hand capabilities, you can play up to 100 hands in a go!

How do you play Pick’em Poker?

As with most poker games, you want to get the most valuable hand – a royal flush. Where Pick’em Poker differs is the ability to multiply your chances up to 100 times. Sounds complicated but playing is easy:

  1. Select your bet amount with the minus and plus symbols on the left of the screen. Your total bet can range from £0.05 to £5, depending on how many hands you choose.
  2. Select the number of hands – from 1 to 100 – with the drop down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Press deal in the center of the game board to start playing.
  4. You will be dealt the same two cards to every hand you and will be given the option of two stacks to complete your hand. The top card of each stack will be open-faced – simply click the stack of your choice.
  5. The chosen stack will be dealt to complete winning hands. Where the first two cards were the same, the last three will vary, giving you more chances to win. Winning hands will be highlighted in the colour that matches their value in the paytable.
  6. Collect your winnings after play!

The Optimal Strategy for Pick’em Poker

While playing Pick’em Poker, you don’t have an option for any re-draws, just two stacks to choose from to add to your two dealt cards. So the best options for picking a stack are to:

  1. If you have a face card, choose a stack with a face card in the same suit for a chance of a flush. If none are available;
  2. Choose a the card that creates the highest pair (9s or better), or
  3. Choose the stack with a card in the same suit of one of your cards, or
  4. Choose the stack with the highest card showing

Pay Table for Pick’em Poker

The paytable for is as straightforward as they come and generously starts at 9s or better:


 Royal Flush  1000 
 Straight Flush


 4 of a Kind


 Full House






 3 of a Kind


 Two Pair


 Nines or Better 



Playing Multi-Hand Pick’em Poker

As we’ve mentioned, multi-hand poker allows you to play your hand multiple times. With Pick’em Poker, you’ll be dealt the same two cards with every hand to maximize your chance of landing a win. Once you’ve picked your stack of choice, the top card of the stack is dealt to every hand, and the remaining two cards are random. In the end, the more hands you play, the bigger your chances of winning.

Pick’em Poker – Double Your Winnings or Collect

After a winning round, there’s the option to gamble your earnings. Click the Gamble button on the bottom right-hand corner to opt for a high card gamble. Choose either Double or Double Half for your wager and pick a higher card than the dealer to win!

Play Pick’em Poker with OnlineCasinoInfo Today!

This is a unique version of video poker with the fun feature of playing up to 100 versions of a hand. It’s easy enough for newbies yet has added excitement for regular players – so give it a try today!