Tens or Better Video Poker

This variation of Video Poker from industry leader NYX Gaming is a sleek game with a slight spin off the classic Jacks or Better. As the minimum payout is with a pair of 10s, winning is easier and there’s a slightly lower variance with Tens or Better. There’s also the option to play up to 100 hands at a time – great for beginners and advanced players as well.

How Do You Play Tens or Better?

Navigating the sleek design of Tens or Better game board is easy. To start gameplay, follow these directions:

  1. Select the number of hands from 1 to 100 on the bottom left corner of the display.
  2. Select your bet amount from 0.02 to 1 with the Bet display.
  3. Determine your wager amount with the Bet One button. Click repeatedly, up to 5 times to raise the wager, or click Clear Bet to restart betting. Choosing the Bet Max option automatically sets the wager to its highest option.
  4. Click the Deal button in the middle of the display.
  5. Select which cards to hold by clicking on them or the Hold button underneath.
  6. Select Draw to deal new cards.
  7. Choose Rebet & DEAL to start a new hand or select Double Up to gamble your winnings with the dealer.

The Optimal Strategy for Tens or Better

Playing Tens or Better doesn’t change the strategy too much from Five Card Draw or Jacks or Better. For your best bets, follow this table below:


 Hand  Cards to Draw 


 Straight Flush 0
 Four of a Kind 0
 Full House 0
 Four to a Royal Flush 4
 Flush 0
 Three of a Kind 2
 Straight 0
 Four to a Straight Flush 1
 Two Pair 1
 High Pair 3
 Three to a Royal Flush 2
 Four to a Flush 1
 One Low Pair 3
 Four to a Straight 1
 Three to a Straight Flush 2
 Two to a Royal Flush 3
 Two High Cards 3
 One High Card (10s and up) 4
 Five Disconnected Low Cards   5


Paytable for Tens or Better
The paytable for Tens or Better is pretty standard, but just in case, we’ve got it all written out for you:

Hand Bet One Bet Max
 Royal Flush 250 4000
 Straight Flush 50 250
 4 of a Kind 25 125
 Full House 6 30
 Flush 5 25
 Straight 4 20
 3 of a Kind 3 15
 2 Pair 2 10
 Tens or better  1 5


Playing Multi-Hand Tens or Better

There is an option to play up to 100 versions of a single hand with Tens or Better. Simply select the number of hands you want from the display, choose your bet and wager amounts and press Deal. The same cards will be dealt to every hand and the cards you choose to hold will apply to every hand as well. Winning hands will be highlighted with the same colour as the winning payout on the paytable. The benefit here, is more chances to win a hand, although overall wagers are smaller.

Tens or Better – Double Your Winnings or Collect

If you really want to add some edge to your poker game – select Double Up to gamble your earnings after a winning hand. You have the option to select either the suit or the colour of the next card on the deck, for quadruple or double your winnings, respectively. Play until you lose or until you would like to collect your winnings, but it makes for a great chance to win more.

Play Tens or Better with OnlineCasinoInfo Today!

All the variations and extras with this fun version of video poker make this version from NYX gaming really great. Beginners can start with one hand and work their way up to multiples, whereas intermediate and advanced players can get stuck in just as quickly – enjoy!