Video Slots

With major developments in gaming technology such as HTML5, and HD definition, Video Slots is another potential card up your sleeve for a top-drawer gaming experience. With high levels of interactivity and safe play-time guaranteed for both casinos and online players.

Unlike Vegas slots which can theoretically be tampered with, by players and software developers alike, video slots, the likes of which you can source at any online casinos nowadays are far less fallible, once set up, the number of winners is predetermined by the RNG and they will get paid out at specific times. This is best used in non-progressive and progressive slot games, instant wins and lotteries.

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Where Can I Play Video Slots?

Video slots can be easily found at both live and online casinos. Online casinos make up a huge percentage of their traffic from video slots play. At most online casinos, you will be offered several dozen, up to several hundred video slot titles to pick from.

Video slots offer players different themes, gameplay can contain jackpots and all types of interactive features. Unlike the classic slots where you either win or you don’t on each spin, a video slots will allow you to trigger various bonus games, free spins, and jackpot features where your actions will determine what happens next.

Online casinos such as Spin Palace or Gala Casino are prime destinations to go and enjoy a game of video slots. With hundreds of titles from different slots manufacturers, you will find yourself able to pick and choose based on the theme of the game and the level of interaction you wish to enjoy, as well as gameplay features, number of pay lines, and other factors.

Video Slots vs. Other Types of Slots

Video slots are the most advanced type of slots out there. Video slots (Class III slots) are usually equated more with games like bingo, pull-tabs, scratch-offs, or lotto than they are with Vegas style slot machines. This is because there are a pre-determined number of winners, and players compete with each other for a prize. There is also not necessarily a winner on every round.

Overall speaking, video slots are more fun, more reliable, and more interactive than any other type of slots. For instance, video slots will allow you to play bonus games where you get to pick and choose various symbols or play mini games that pay money. A classic reels slot will only let you spin the reels and hope you hit a winning combination.

This is exactly the type of fun gameplay and interactive nature that has made video slots the prime type of games in online casinos in recent years. You can start your video slots journey today at one of the many online casinos featuring them.

Our Favorite Video Slots Game

The world of online casinos is vast and there are hundreds if not thousands of video slot titles available. However, if we had to pick our favorite game, it would be, without a doubt Mega Moolah. The extremely popular progressive jackpot game has made more millionaires than any other online casino sot in history and that’s enough incentive for us.

In fact, Mega Moolah is still a fun game without the progressive jackpot. With the valuable multi-million progressive jackpot, however, the game becomes more than a video slot and gives you an added-value option of winning truly life changing money, like many others, on every spin.

Video Slots Rundown

Video slots are the most popular form of casino gaming today. You can play them at online casinos around the internet and you can be sure to always find a fun and exciting new game to indulge in when the old games Class II are starting to get on your nerves.

If you are ready to take your gambling experience to a new level of fun and interactivity, you can try some of the popular online video slots at online casinos such as Spin Palace today!